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  • TripExpense graphic of dollar sign
    We share
    our toys with
    Robotic retrieval
    Dynamic data push
    Credit card upload
  • Trip Audit graphic of magnifying glass
    trip audit
    Sometimes prices
    change...don’t get
    stuck holding the bag.
    Alternate options
    Traveler approval
  • Trip Approval graphic of check mark
    Remember Bob’s
    boondoggle to Miami?
    Yeah, sorry Bob.
    Declined options
    Tiered approvals
    Trip justification
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  • Trip Guest graphic of badge
    We make it so
    easy,even a caveman
    can do it.
    Custom email invites
    Prepaid travel
    Preferred suppliers
  • Trip Secruity graphic of shield
    If Liam Neeson
    was an app, this
    would be it.
    Custom email invites
    Prepaid travel
    Preferred suppliers
  • Trip Data graphic of graph
    Stronger than a
    locomotive, faster than
    a speeding bullet.
    Data analytics
    Supplier detail
    Global consolidation
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    of Care
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Get the most out of TripEvents.

Trip GuestTripGuest

Let guests book their own travel.

  • Prepay for guests’ travel
  • Let guests pay their own way
  • Arrange for guest ground transfers
  • Limit flight & hotel options

Trip ApprovalTripApproval

Approve travel before ticketing.

  • Aggregate total cost of trip
  • View alternate, lower priced trip options
  • Approve, deny or modify trip
  • Don’t overpay at time of booking
  • "TripApproval helped me cut out unnecessary travel spend by letting me approve or deny trips or portions of trips,minutes after booking"
    Rachel, Travel Manager
mobile authorization email

Trip SecurityTripSecurity

Protect your guests around the world.

  • Find travelers in emergencies
  • View travelers on a map
  • Receive travel alerts
  • Send messages to travelers

Trip AuditTripAudit

Search for savings pre-trip.

  • Search for price reductions
  • Receive lower-priced alternate options
  • Auto-book cheaper fares & rates
  • Guarantee the cheapest price
  • Of all airfare, savings found
  • Of all airfare,
    savings found
  • Of all car rentals, savings found
  • Of all car rentals,
    savings found
  • Of all hotel rez, savings found
  • Of all hotel rez,
    savings found
mobile travel itinerary

Trip DataTripData

View travel spend & analytics.

  • Consolidate global data spend
  • Sort & filter data with angular JS
  • Benchmark & analyze data
  • View traveler expense trends

Trip ExpenseTripExpense

Incorporate booking with expense compensation.

  • Integrate with any expense company
  • Export invoice to expense report
  • Pay one fee for travel & expense
  • Save time expensing travel
  • "Who knew expensing travel could be so easy. I was able to take pictures of my receipts and add them to my expense report, all from the app ."
    Kevin, Business Traveler
mobile apply expense company