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About TripEvents

Transforming event travel with technology

TripEvents is changing the M.I.C.E. and travel industry. No longer will users have to navigate through multiple websites to register and book travel for an event, meeting or conference.

  • icon streamlineStreamline
  • icon raise attendanceRaise
  • icon increase complianceIncrease
  • icon reduce costsReduce

Innovation starts here

One of the largest businesses in the world came to ITS with a need no other company could fulfill, a private-labeled meeting registration site with online travel booking. Utilizing our custom solutions and innovative technology, concept turned into reality and TripEvents was born.

  • Website built in one day
  • Event launched in 2 hours
  • 5,000 attendees accommodated
  • 100% of registrants booked travel
  • Travel policies implemented
  • Price limits set
  • Arrival / departure fixed
  • One fee charged

Advanced services and solutions

ITS was founded with the philosophy of being SMART, FAST AND EASY. Our solutions, products and services solve problems and provide long-term value.

  • icon smart technology
    Technology should
    be smart,
    with intuitive
    performance and
    intelligent design
  • icon easy technology
    Technology should
    be Easy,
    with simple
    processes and reliable
  • icon fast technology
    Technology should
    be fast,
    with instant
    transport of high-
    volume data feeds