Business travel just got TripEasy!

Event travel just got easy!

Give your attendees the power to choose, self-book & manage events.

Book Trip

  • Create a meeting event in minutes.

    Everything is on one website.

    Invited guests don’t have to navigate to another site for
    to share trip plans & personal meetings.

    99% love TripEvents
    99% of TripEvents users
    love how easy it is.
  • Give travel incentives to customers & employees.

    Gift of travel without the hassle .

    Determine the gift limit & travel options, then
    send travel award to recipients.

    Gift of travel without the hassle .
    I was under my travel
    budget by 20% last year and
    my company rewarded me
    with two free plane tickets.
  • Add self-booking to conferences.

    Registration & booking at the same time.

    Save time & money by integrating travel booking with your
    conference, using only one vendor, with one fee.

    97% love saving
    97% of TripEvents users love
    saving money with one fee.
  • Allow exhibition attendees to share plans.

    Attendees create personal meetings.

    Setup destination, registration, agenda, & allow attendees
    to share trip plans & personal meetings.

    Couple schedule meeting
    I was able to schedule a
    meeting with my coworkers
    to review strategy prior to
    the exhibition.

How TripEvents Works.


Event planning services.

  • Destination Selection
  • Group Blocked Space
  • Group Blocked Space
  • On-Site Event Management
  • Ground Transfers
  • Ground Transfers
  • Event Accounting
  • 24/7 Agent Assistance
Additional products to support your event.
  • Trip Guest graphic of badge
    trip guest
    We make it so
    easy,even a caveman
    can do it.
    • Custom email invites
    • Prepaid travel
    • Preferred suppliers
  • Trip Approval graphic of check mark
    Remember Bob’s
    boondoggle to Miami?
    Yeah, sorry Bob.
    • Declined options
    • Tiered approvals
    • Trip justification
  • Trip Secruity graphic of shield
    If Liam Neeson
    was an app, this
    would be it.
    • Custom email invites
    • Prepaid travel
    • Preferred suppliers
  • Trip Audit graphic of magnifying glass
    trip audit
    Sometimes prices
    change...don’t get
    • Auto-rebooking
    • Alternate options
    • Traveler approval
  • Trip Data graphic of graph
    Stronger than a
    locomotive, faster than
    a speeding bullet.
    • Data analytics
    • Supplier detail
    • Global consolidation
  • TripExpense graphic of dollar sign
    We share
    our toys with
    • Robotic retrieval
    • Dynamic data push
    • Credit card upload

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